Mario Badescu Silver Powder // Review

Hello Beauty Digger! I wanna do a review on   Mario Badescu Silver Powder   as my first review on this blog! What's good about thi...

Hello Beauty Digger!

I wanna do a review on Mario Badescu Silver Powder as my first review on this blog!
What's good about this product?

Mario Badescu Silver Powder is not a powder after all. You can't use this powder as a finishing powder to your makeup. It is mask, but the product itself is more like a baby powder or even like a flour! lol

This is one of the best selling product from Mario Badescu.
I had a look on reviews from bloggers who have tried this product, and finally I made myself to give it a try.
I've tried this product earlier and this is my third one.

On the backside of the packaging, it is written that by using this powder, you can remedy blackheads, stubborn clogged pores, and the super-absorbent silver powder also can excessive t-zone oiliness.

You just have to use this product once or twice a week, and don't need to apply it all over your face.
Apply it on the area that has large pores, blackheads, or t-zone.

As this is my third time using this product, so I guess I have to review it.

The first time I'm using it, I don't really feel a lot of difference.
It remedies my blackheads, but doesn't unclog my pores around my nose and forehead.

The second time and now the third times I'm using it, right after I clean up the area around my nose and under my mouth area, my blackheads are increasingly reduced.

For unclogging pores, I don't really recommend this product because it doesn't really work on my skin. (I had combination skin and large pores around nose and forehead).

As I conclude, if you follow the instruction to use it once or twice a week, you'll get a maximum result.


Take a cotton pad and dampened it with water.

Next, I put a little amount of the product into the product's cover and dip the water-dampened cotton pad into the powder.

I only apply the powder on certain areas as shown on the picture as I got lots of blackheads and large pores around my nose and under my mouth area (sorry for covering my mouth with Emoji!).

I wait for 10 minuets and remove the powder using this Clinique toner (you can use any toner you have).

This product retails for $12.00 on Mario Badescu official website.
If you wanna try this product, you can find it at Sephora.
But since it is not available at Sephora Indonesia, you can check out the product on:
Instagram: preorderbymimo / website:, it retails for Rp 255.000.

with love,
The Beauty Digger

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